Enat Arega

NWEEO would like to introduce and congratulate Enat Arega, the winner of NWEEO's 2014 Alyce Marcus scholarship. Ms. Arega, who graduated in June from De La Salle North Catholic High School, lives with her parents and three siblings. Two of her siblings emigrated from Ethiopia to the United States with her approximately four years ago. What she did upon arriving in the United States has been impressive.

Above and beyond her impressive academic achievements, Ms. Arega was active at her school, holding leadership positions in the school's Constitutional Law Club, Heritage Club, Heber Ethiopia, Africa House, and Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO). While involved in those activities, Ms. Arega also spent time working at Oregon Health and Science University and volunteering at the Multnomah County Library. Ms. Arega says these activities have taught her numerous skills, along with the importance of teaching her Oregon community about her home country-Ethiopia.

Of her plan to educate her American classmates and others about Ethiopia, Ms. Arega says, "I plan to continue advocating and teaching others about Ethiopia in college and beyond because I feel responsible for correcting the incomplete image of Ethiopia painted by the media...My involvement in heritage-based organizations regarding Ethiopia will have a greater effect on not only myself, but will also help educate others and help decrease significant issues, including racism, prejudice, and the danger of a single story- which is my ultimate goal."

Enat Arega will be attending Dartmouth College in the fall of 2014. Upon graduation, she plans to attend medical school and become a doctor.

NWEEO is proud to play a small part in Ms. Arega's future success by awarding her the 2014 Alyce Marcus scholarship. Please join us in congratulating her.