We are pleased to announce that the Northwest EEO/Affirmative Action Association (NWEEO) is awarding its annual ALYCE MARCUS Scholarship of $1,000 to a deserving graduating senior in the Portland Metropolitan area.

We are interested in students with a demonstrated commitment to diversity that manifests itself within their families and their communities. NW EEO is considering all students and encourages applications from students who may not otherwise be considered for scholarships.

All submissions must include:

  • Completed and typed scholarship application .
  • Completed photo release form .
  • 2 letters of recommendation; at least one should be from a teacher or counselor; the other may be from an employer or family friend.
  • Most recent copy of high school transcript. Minimum GPA requirement of 2.75.
  • A typed, double-spaced, one-page essay. In your essay, please explain how your background, experiences, or community involvement up until now and your plans for the future help promote greater acceptance for diversity or a better understanding of the importance of diversity in our society.
  • Assessment of the student's financial need. (We are interested in the financial needs of each applicant to ensure equal participation of students from all socio-economic levels. All selection factors will be considered in aggregate during the decision making process.)

The scholarship committee is asking that your school counselor use his or her discretion to screen appropriate applicants and submit only the top three candidates from your school. We request that all completed scholarship applications be returned by the counselor to NW EEO postmarked no later than April 21, 2017.

All applications will be reviewed and the scholarship will be awarded later this summer.

If you have any questions on the scholarship application or process, please feel free to contact one of the NWEEO Board members listed below.

NWEEO/Affirmative Action Association Board of Directors, Scholarship Committee:

  Sid Moore   Moore.Sidney@deq.state.or.us
  Melinda Bullen   Melinda.bullen@portlandoregon.gov
  Harshi Waters   hmw@bmllaw.net
  Jessica Ponaman   Jessica.ponaman@state.or.us
  Genevieve Rough   Genevieve.rough@ppcw.org

NW EEO is a non-profit organization that provides resources for education, information and
networking opportunities in the areas of equal employment opportunity, diversity and affirmative action.